More About Me

Obviously there’s a lot more to me than just my career, here you can get a sense of some of my extra-curricular activities.


During my downtime, I enjoy reading fiction.  My favorite novelists include Douglas Coupland, Michael Chabon, Orson Scott Card, and Nick Hornby.  I even enjoy the occasional page turner by Michael Crichton, Tom Clancy, Dan Brown, and even JK Rowling.  I love sports, and I’m passionate about ACC Basketball, NC State Football, and US Soccer.  I also enjoy just hanging out with my friends and family, playing Wii, playing low stakes poker and having BBQ.


So a bit more about me, one of things that I am constantly employing is systematic and rigorous self-improvement. One of the activities I do to hold myself accountable is to share the items I’m currently working on with my best friend. He does the same with me, and we offer encouragement. I got this idea from noted business author, Marshall Goldsmith who does something similar with a friend.

Here’s a video going into a bit more depth.

Best viewed in full screen.