My References


Here is a collection of professional references I’ve received over the years from former clients, bosses, colleagues and direct reports. ¬† Feel free to reach out to any of them individually, their email addresses are provided.

If you’d like additional references or alternative contact information for the references listed, please contact me at and I’d be happy to help provide you with further information.

Mike Yu – Former Direct Report

Few people have so profoundly changed my life as Paul has.

There are many things I respect about Paul — his boundless curiosity, endearing humor, imperturbable determination, and fecund imagination. But above all else, I view Paul as a role model because of his ethics, integrity and his compassion.

Over the past 5 years, I have known Paul as a colleague, a manager, a roommate, and a friend and in every interaction and in every setting Paul has been motivated in doing the right thing for his clients, his coworkers, his loved ones, his country, and his world. It is to his credit that he often portrays this part of his nature as unremarkable — it being so fundamental to who he is. Indeed, I remember one of our first conversations involved discussing the Prisoner’s Dilemma and his initial incredulity that one could conceive of a model with agents lacking empathy and social concern. Although he has since accepted such a model, I doubt he would ever believe in such a world.

Paul is one of those people who, just in knowing that such a person exists, drives me to want to better myself and the world and assures me that it is possible. His skills and intellect are readily apparent. This site, his blog, and his work speak well enough for themselves. All this already makes him an excellent candidate.

Yet his candidacy is not defined simply by efficiency and effectiveness. I can think of no other individual with the potential to make as meaningful of an impact as Paul can.

Michael S. Yu

Chris McKeil – Former Client

I first ran into Paul Pettengill in San Francisco where he represented Accenture as a business analyst, competing with another firm to earn the development work for my new baby, a next generation software application called Government Pricing. Accenture was lucky they were able to bring Paul into the equation because he quickly won my confidence, displaying an uncommon savvy in a complex subject area. I was also impressed with Paul’s broad knowledge and interest base and the way he leveraged these to add value to his daily work. I knew he would never be caught off base.

Six weeks later, I made a leap of faith and awarded him the development contract.

I’ve been a fan ever since.

You see, I recognized right away that Paul is on track to do something really special in his lifetime, and I’ve kept in touch even though our careers have recently pulled us in different directions in large part because I want to see what that something turns out to be.

Chris McKeil

Dan Connolly – Former Manager

Energy – the ability to do work / cause change.

Pettengill – a unit of energy that consists of raw brainpower, intellectual curiosity, an intense desire to effect positive change, and a fresh perspective that sees things that others don’t… finished in a unique sartorial style.

Dan Connolly

Christopher Zant – Former Manager

Paul is a strong and creative manager who ceaselessly strives to deliver high quality results for his employer and customers.  Paul gives every assignment his all and constantly looks for innovative new ways to drive value.

Christopher Zant

Clay Hebert – Former Colleague

Before our paths crossed, people that Paul and I knew separately would tell us that we should meet and that we would get along well. It took a few years, but fate eventually led us to a meeting where Paul and I were to co-present to a pharma client of ours.

As we sat outside in the parking lot, the original plan was to prep for the meeting. Afterward, we talked for an hour and we discovered that we shared not only a sense of humor, a passion for entrepreneurship and an unhealthy love for data and analytics, but much, much more. We clicked. Our worldview was cut from the same square yard of fabric.

I’ve had the fortune to meet a lot of remarkable people in my life and I can’t think of anyone better suited for success than Paul Pettengill.

Talking to Paul is like turning on a fire hydrant that, instead of water, contains ideas, passion, humor, insight and curiosity and humility.

If you want your organization to be the best it possibly can, work with Paul.

Clay Hebert

Christopher Wynne – Former Direct Report

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to “return the favor” to Paul for some time, and I guess this will have to approximate one for now. As a young grasshopper at Accenture, I learned many things from Paul: how to test government pricing systems, how to develop them, and even (after several whiteboard sessions patiently hosted by Paul), what exactly a government pricing system is. Paul also taught me a ton of variations on texas hold ‘em, introduced me to Orson Scott Card, and importantly, demonstrated how to juggle making clients happy, meeting deadlines, and keeping a team in high spirits with class.

As an Accenture alum, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to count on Paul as a professional reference and a personal contact. He recently helped me secure a position for law school summer employment, and keeps me apprised of his much cooler and prolific life in CA.

Chris Wynne

Laura Borst Pappas – Former Direct Report

I first met Paul as my manager on a consulting project, where he took the time to make me feel welcome and supported. He is an excellent manager and a pleasure to work with and for. Since then our lives have moved on, and Paul has continued to be involved in my life.

He is sincere and cares about the people he chooses as his friends, and actually does the work to keep in touch even though he now lives across the country. Thoughtful things like a handwritten note and an unexpected wedding gift are just a few things that make Paul special. Paul has an amazing sense of humor, and even when times are tough can crack a joke to make you smile. I feel priviledged to know Paul and to be a part of his life, and wish him success because I know he deserves it.

Laura Borst Pappas